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Generalinė miškų urėdija - GMU

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleGeneralinė miškų urėdija - GMU
2nd TitleDirectorate General of State Forests [Lithuania]
CreatorGeneralinė miškų urėdija - GMU
DescriptionThe mission of the Directorate General of State Forests is to enhance the ecological, environmental, economic, recreational and other socially important values of state forests as the most important components of the whole state forestry by managing them in accordance with the principles of sustainable forest use and by rational use, restoration and enlargement of forest resources. The Directorate is responsible for supervision and implementation of the Forestry Law of the Republic of Lithuania, and for implementing fire protection measures (monitoring, prevention and control) in public and private forests.
LanguageEnglish, Lithuanian
Keywordsforest administration; forest fires; legislation; monitoring; forest policy
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: January 14 2008 | Last updated: September 8 2008