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Institut für Waldinventur

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleInstitut für Waldinventur
2nd TitleDepartment of Forest Inventory [Austria]
CreatorBundesamt für Wald (BFW)
DescriptionThe key task of the Department is the planning, execution and evaluation of the Austrian Forest Inventory. The large-scale inventory aims at providing information on the raw material wood and on the status of and changes in the forest ecosystem. The results of the forest inventory are used as a tool for decision-making in forest and environmental policy. They offer a valuable data source for a multitude of scientific projects. The Department also hosts the Austrian-wide Natural Forest Reserves Programme. With the generated know-how the Department contributes to a number of international networks and projects. At the European level, the Department provides leadership both in the fields of forest inventory and natural forest reserves. The English version of the department web-pages can be found at <>.
LanguageEnglish, German
Keywordsnational forest inventories; monitoring; forest health; protected areas; Austrian Forest Inventory; Österreichischen Waldinventur
TypeCountry data, Information services
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 Published: January 16 2008