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Forest Modelling Information System - ForMIS

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleForest Modelling Information System - ForMIS
CreatorSims, Allan
DescriptionForMIS consists of components including four databases, including: Growth and Yield Tables; Dendrometric Models; Growth Equations; Sample Plots Data. Yield tables are tables in which one can find forest stand characteristics at the hectare scale at varying ages. Most of the tables are valid for monospecious, even-aged stands, and can be based on permanent sample plots in which the optimal management was carried out or on a set of sample plots which represent the regular management. They are usually assessed for different management regimes and site classes. Although the research in this field is moving towards more dynamic (modelling) tools for forest management and mixed species forests, the information contained in these 'traditional' tables is still very valuable. In forestry information system knowledge about forest management is used in the form of dendrometric models. Scientific activity as a whole involves creating, applying or checking models. Thus, much forestry research produces models. A huge variety of models were created to solve some narrow problem but were not important to publish. Just as often, in far too many cases model documentation leaves a lot to be desired. And worse still, there are a number of models for which no documentation exists at all, with the effect that published research results based on these models are not verifiable. The aim of the system is to systematize and structure information about the models. Adding details of models to the database, and improving the information about the models is an ongoing activity.
Keywordssample plots data; growth equations; dendrometric models; growth and yield tables; ForMIS; forest models; growth models; simulation
TypeDatabases, Models (growth), Models (simulation)
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 Published: January 25 2008 | Last updated: September 5 2011