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DAISIE - European Invasive Alien Species Gateway

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleDAISIE - European Invasive Alien Species Gateway
CreatorDAISIE consortium; NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
DescriptionThe DAISIE (Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe) website was developed as part of a project funded by the sixth framework programme of the European Commission (Contract Number: SSPI-CT-2003-511202). It provides information on biological invasions in Europe, delivered via an international team of leading experts in the field of biological invasions. The general objectives of DAISIE are: (1) To create an inventory of invasive species that threaten European terrestrial, fresh-water and marine environments; (2) To structure the inventory to provide the basis for prevention and control of biological invasions through the understanding of the environmental, social, economic and other factors involved; (3) To assess and summarise the ecological, economic and health risks and impacts of the most widespread and/or noxious invasive species; (4) To use distribution data and the experiences of the individual Member States as a framework for considering indicators for early warning. Data has been collated for vertebrates, invertebrates, marine and inland aquatic organisms as well as plants from up to 63 countries/regions (including islands) in the wider Europe. Over 248 datasets have been assembled and verified by experts, representing the largest database on invasive species in the world. One component of DAISIE is a registry of experts of invasive species in Europe. By the end of 2007, the Registry contained 1628 experts from 91 countries for 3185 taxa.
Keywordsinvasive species; alien species; invasive alien species; forest pests; insect pests; mammals; weeds; fungal diseases; information services
TypeDatabases, Information services, Projects
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 Published: February 14 2008 | Last updated: October 22 2012