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Woodlands of Ireland

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleWoodlands of Ireland
CreatorWoodlands of Ireland
DescriptionThe Woodlands of Ireland group was established in 1998 to focus attention on Ireland's native woodland resource, especially as a new millennium was approaching, which provided a focus for a millennium woodland project. The primary objective is to generate awareness of native woodlands amongst the general public and to develop management strategies aimed at ensuring their future viability. The restoration and rejuvenation of Ireland's existing semi-natural estate is a priority. The project also includes the establishment of new woodlands composed of native species. To do so requires addressing a number of key elements. These include: (1) classification and selection of woodlands; (2) management planning; (3) funding and implementation of management plans; (4) provision of adequate native tree stock for planting; (5) incorporation of a wood/timber production component; training, research, education and promotional activities.
KeywordsNGOs; native forests; natural forests; afforestation
TypeNon-government organizations
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 Published: March 13 2008