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Институт природопользования и экологии

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleИнститут природопользования и экологии
2nd TitleInstitute of Natural Resources and Environment
CreatorInstitute of Natural Resources and Environment; School of Ecology and Nature Management; Pacific National University
DescriptionThe Institute of Natural Resources and Environment (previously the Far Eastern Forestry Institute) is part of the Pacific National University (previously Khabarovsk State Engineering University) and is made up of the following departments: Forestry and forest management; Forestry machinery and equipment; Road construction and machinery; Wood Technology; Technology and equipment for lumber production; Chemical engineering and biotechnology; Ecology, resource management and occupational safety. Research is conducted in the following key areas: Protection and restoration of forests in the Russian Far East; Integrated use of wood; Transport, construction and road machines; Environmental protection through environmental monitoring.
CountryRussian Federation
Keywordsforest management; forestry machinery; forestry equipment; road construction; forest roads; wood technology; timber production; wood chemistry; forest ecology; occupational safety; nature conservation; environmental monitoring
TypeEducational institutions and departments
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 Published: May 6 2008 | Last updated: May 30 2013