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Wetlands International

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleWetlands International
CreatorWetlands International
DescriptionWetlands International is an independent, not-for-profit, global organisation, supported by Government membership from all continents of the world, extensive specialist networks and volunteers. It works globally, regionally and nationally to achieve the conservation and wise use of wetlands, to benefit biodiversity and human well-being. It currently works through 15 country offices — in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, South, east and North Asia, Oceania and South America; with its head office in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Wetlands International has adopted the following four long-term, strategic global goals to provide direction to its future work: (1) Stakeholders and decision makers are well informed about the status and trends of wetlands, their biodiversity and priorities for action; (2) The functions and values of wetlands are recognised and integrated into sustainable development; (3) Conservation and sustainable use of wetlands is achieved through integrated water resource management and coastal zone management; (4) Large scale, strategic initiatives result in improved conservation status of species, habitats and ecological networks. The Ramsar Sites Information Service (RSIS) provides access to information on wetlands designated as internationally important under the Convention on Wetlands. The RSIS includes the searchable Ramsar Sites Database <>, and a number of other utilities, including a WebGIS displaying spatial information on Ramsar sites, downloadable GIS data of the Ramsar sites (spatial boundary and/or location). The RSIS provides on-line access to all official Information Sheets on Ramsar Wetlands (RIS), and increasingly it also includes links to other relevant but unofficial information sources concerning Ramsar sites in different countries, such as external Web sites, publications and management plans.
Keywordspeatlands; wetlands; Ramsar Convention; Ramsar sites; NGOs; biodiversity; birds; conservation; nature conservation; RSIS; protected areas
TypeInformation services, Non-government organizations
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 Published: May 20 2008 | Last updated: August 18 2008