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Slovenská Agentúra Životného Prostredia (SAŽP)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleSlovenská Agentúra Životného Prostredia (SAŽP)
CreatorSlovenská Agentúra Životného Prostredia (SAŽP)
DescriptionThe Slovak Environmental Agency is an organisation of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic with nationwide responsibility for environmental protection and landscape planning in accordance with principles of sustainable development. The Agency was established by the Decision of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic of 17 May 1993 as a state agency financed from the budget of the Ministry of Environment. The main activities of the Agency are: Fulfilment of selected international commitments of the Slovak Republic related to the environment; Environmental monitoring, informatics and archiving; Waste management and packaging; Environmental protection and environmental risks; Environmental assessment; Environmental regionalisation and landscape-ecological planning; Environmental education, training.
LanguageEnglish, Slovak
Keywordsenvironmental policy; environmental protection
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: June 2 2008