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European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)

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TitleEuropean Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)
CreatorEuropean Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)
DescriptionEPSO is an independent academic organisation currently representing 57 institutional members bringing together more than 168 research institutes, departments and universities from 26 European countries. Its mission is stated as to improve the impact and visibility of plant science in Europe. More specifically it aims to: (1) increase the visibility and impact of the European plant science community; (2) articulate the vision of the European plant science community for the future and advise on decisions of funding agencies at the European and national level on long term strategies to support plant science; (3) communicate with academia, industry and the general public to ensure the independent dissemination of plant science information; (4) contribute to the development of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and biodiversity. A recent initiative of EPSO is the EPSO online portal. The portal is a collection of useful links relevant to members of the plant science community. The links are grouped under 9 headings: Research funding; Key actors in plant science; European Union; Scientific databases; Journals; Online tools; Meetings and practical courses; Jobs; Educational resources. EPSO is coordinating the European Technology Platform - Plants for the Future.
Keywordsplants; science; biotechnology; ecology; lobbying; European collaboration; technology platforms; TPs; SRAs; strategic research agendas; agriculture; horticulture; forestry; biodiversity
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 Published: June 10 2008