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Nadace dřevo pro život

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleNadace dřevo pro život
2nd TitleWood for Life Foundation [Czech Republic]
CreatorNadace dřevo pro život
DescriptionWood for Life is a Czech Foundation established in 2005 by groups and companies concerned with the management and conservation of Czech forests. The founders include forest owners, suppliers of forest maintenance services, and those who process wood into the final consumer products. The foundation offers funds to support projects. The following are listed as priorities for the foundation: (1) Helping educational institutions cultivate the respect for nature and wood as a unique, renewable material. Helping the development of forestry and wood technology education, supporting science and research in those fields. (2) Taking part in the revitalisation of our environment damaged by civilisation in order to preserve natural and cultural heritage. Supporting sustainable development of rural areas, which are often dependent on forests as their main and most important source of socioeconomic prosperity. To be helpful to handicapped citizens in discovering the beauty of nature. (3) Promote environmentally responsible ways of wood processing with respect to its unique feature of renewability. Supporting protected workshops and handicapped craftsmen who work with wood. To help to conserve cultural monuments made of wood for future. (4) Supporting projects aimed at housing solutions for young families. (5) To accelerate the flow of information about forest care in the Czech Republic and utilization of wood. To build a reliable and serious relationship with the public in relation to environmental and conservation issues drawing on mutual respect of all the people who actively use natural resources for satisfying the needs of the society. Encouraging the participation of public in decision making, especially in matters concerning the environment. (6) To incorporate major European trends in forest management and wood processsing industry into Czech forestry. Inform about the solutions to similar problems in the European Union. To cooperate with similar organisations in the EU. (7) To encourage forest owners to implement modern forest management methods. As part of the activities, the foundation maintains the Mezi Stromy Portal (<>) which provides information about forests, wood and education in these fields in the Czech Republic.
LanguageCzech, English
CountryCzech Republic
KeywordsNGOs; non-governmental organizations; education; timber; wood; buildings; sustainable forest management; wood processing; foundations; projects; environmental education
TypeNon-government organizations
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 Published: June 16 2008