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Mezi stromy

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleMezi stromy
CreatorNadace dřevo pro život
DescriptionThe 'Mezi stromy' (between-the-trees) web portal aims to provide complex, concise and expert yet readable and easily accessible information about forests and forestry sector in the Czech Republic. The portal comprises six basic sections: Forest; Wood-processing; Wood utilization; Tourism and recreation; Nature conservation; and Education. Each of the sections provides synoptic information on the issues at hand. The individual sections are further divided into subsections which explain each thematic group in detail. It is designed to serve primarily teachers, pupils and students in elementary and grammar schools, but we believe that it will also become an appreciated guide for all those interested in forest life, woodworking and nature conservation. The information posted on this internet portal can be also useful to tourists and all those considering studying forestry and forests. The Mezi stromy portal was prepared under close cooperation between prominent Czech experts in forestry and wood-processing.
CountryCzech Republic
Keywordsinformation services; wood processing; wood working; nature conservation; wood processing; wood utilization; tourism; recreation; education
TypeInformation services
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 Published: June 19 2008