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Soil Atlas of Europe

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleSoil Atlas of Europe
CreatorEuropean Soil Bureau Network; European Commission
DescriptionThe Atlas is the result of a collective effort by more the 40 National soil surveys and soil science institutions cooperating across Europe within the European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN). It is a 128 page publication and can be downloaded as a single pdf file (414 MB) or as 3 smaller files or as single pages. The ESBN, established by the JRC in 1989, has formalised already existing collaborations among soil surveys already initiated in 1959 by the UN FAO as the first steps towards a common soil map for the European Union. The main European added value of the ESBN has been the joint effort towards bringing together soil information collected in separate European countries, using very different methodologies, standards and scientific backgrounds, into one single geographic information system (GIS). Lengthy cross-border harmonisation sessions between bordering countries have resulted in a common fully harmonised soil geographical database of Europe at a nominal scale of 1:1,000,000. This database has allowed the production of the maps that are at the heart of the Soil Atlas of Europe. The Soil Atlas of Europe uses specific maps to illustrate threats such as soil erosion, the decline of organic matter, soil sealing by housing and infrastructure, etc.
Keywordssoil maps; soil properties; soil types; maps; soil chemistry; soil physics; soil erosion; soil organic matter
TypeMaps, Publications
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 Published: July 29 2008 | Last updated: March 6 2017