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Fauna Europaea

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleFauna Europaea
CreatorEuropean Commission; University of Amsterdam; University of Copenhagen; National Museum of Natural History (Paris)
DescriptionThe Fauna Europaea project (EVR1-1999-20001) was funded by the European Commission for a period of four years (1 March 2000 - 1 March 2004) within the Fifth Framework Programme (5FP). Fauna Europaea has assembled a database of the scientific names and distribution of all living multicellular European land and fresh-water animals. Experts in taxonomy have provided data of all species currently known in Europe. The University of Amsterdam has coordinated the project, assisted by the University of Copenhagen and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. The Fauna Europaea database provides a unique reference for many groups such as scientists, governments, industries, conservation communities and educational programs.
Keywordsbiodiversity; bioinformatics; taxonomy; database; fauna; Fauna Europaea; systematics; zoology; checklist; conservation; animals; distribution
TypeDatabases, EC-EU resources
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 Published: August 11 2008 | Last updated: September 16 2009