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Metla Joensuu Research Unit

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleMetla Joensuu Research Unit
2nd TitleMetsäntutkimuslaitos (Metla) - Joensuun toimintayksikkö
DescriptionThe Joensuu Research Unit is a multidisciplinary expert organisation acting on national and international level. The Research Units goal is to promote and to develop - through research - regional economic and enterprise activities based on forests and forestry products, especially in Eastern Finland. The research profile of the Joensuu Unit consists of six focus areas: forest management planning, silviculture and the impacts of forestry on the environment, wood science and technology, forest technology, forest enterprise economics and international forestry, especially focused on Russia and countries with economic in transition. The Joensuu Unit is cooperating with numerous universities, research institutes and forest organisations in and outside Finland. Furthermore it is participating in international forest policy processes and in international forest organisations. The main site of METLA is in <>.
LanguageEnglish, Finnish, German, Swedish
Keywordsforest research; Joensuu; METLA
TypeResearch institutions and departments
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 Published: February 23 2007 | Last updated: October 31 2007