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Biuro Nasiennictwa Leśnego

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleBiuro Nasiennictwa Leśnego
2nd TitleForest Reproductive Material Office [Poland]
CreatorBiuro Nasiennictwa Leśnego
DescriptionThe Forest Reproductive Material Office was established under Act of 7 June 2001 on the Forest Reproductive Material (Official Journal of 2001. No. 73, Item 761). It began its activity on 15 September 2004 as the Governmental organisational unit subordinate to Minister of the Environment. Its responsibility is to execute official control over production and marketing of the forest reproductive material. Detailed responsibility scope as laid down by the aforementioned Act is, amongst others, to: (1) Manage both the National Register of the Basic Forest Material and the Summary of the National Register in the form of the National List; (2) Manage the National Register of certificates of identity of the forest reproductive material; (3) Grant authorizations for imports of the forest reproductive material from the third countries (i.e. non-EU Member States); (4) Grant the certificates of identity of the forest reproductive material. The national list is available for download in Polish and English.
LanguageEnglish, Polish
Keywordsforest genetics; genetic diversity
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: August 21 2008