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Agencija za zaštitu okoliša

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleAgencija za zaštitu okoliša
2nd TitleCroatian Environment Agency
CreatorAgencija za zaštitu okoliša
DescriptionThe Agency is an independent public institution established by a decision of the government of the Republic of Croatia to collect, integrate, and process environmental data. The long-term objectives are to: (1) contribute to the environmental protection in Croatia by ensuring reliable, relevant and representative data and information on the environment; (2) enable easy and simple access to the environmental data; (3) develop a national set of environmental indicators, in compliance with the EU guidelines and indicators, improve quality and comparability of the environmental data and information; (4) build capacities of the cities, municipalities, persons and entities for development and implementation of the environmental projects and programs by providing access to necessary information; (5) encourage and promote incorporation of the environmental protection principles into the policies and development plans of all the sectors; (6) encourage new forms of the environmental policy.
LanguageCroatian, English
Keywordsenvironmental protection; biodiversity; environmental policy; monitoring; environmental monitoring; endangered species
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: September 2 2008