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COST Action FP0701. Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleCOST Action FP0701. Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe
CreatorCOST Action FP0701
DescriptionCost Action FP0701, Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe, is a network of researchers and practitioners working in the field of fire ecology and forest management from all around Europe. The action commenced in May 2008 and will continue for four years. The main objective of this Action is to develop and disseminate scientifically-based decision criteria for post-fire management, applicable from stand-level to landscape-level planning. The short-term expected result is to increase the scientific basis for undertaking appropriate post-fire management practices in Southern Europe; the long-term expected result is to improve the effectiveness in restoring burned areas and reduce fire hazard in European forests and landscapes.
Keywordsforest fires; forest management; networks; fire hazard; post-fire forest management; post-fire restoration; post-fire rehabilitation; forest resilience; landscape resilience; knowledge transfer
TypeNetworks, EC-EU resources, Projects
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 Published: November 5 2008 | Last updated: November 10 2009