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High Conservation Value (HCV) Resource Network

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleHigh Conservation Value (HCV) Resource Network
CreatorHCV Resource Network
DescriptionThe HCV Resource Network is made up of people and organisations who use the High Conservation Value (HCV) approach. Its aim is to maintain and enhance critical social and environmental values of forests and other ecosystems as part of responsible land management, and to advance locally adaptable management strategies through the development and use of the HCV approach. The HCV approach is a practical tool for forest certification, land-use planning, decision-making for reponsible purchasing and investment, and conservation advocacy. The High Conservation Value (HCV) concept was originally devised in the context of forest certification (High Conservation Value Forests or HCVF), but it is also applicable to all kinds of ecosystems and habitats. The generic Global HCV Toolkit provides guidance on how to take the generic HCV definitions and develop specific, detailed and clear national interpretations for a particular country or region (available in English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian). As of January 2009 there were Country pages (under the heading HCV in Practice) for 18 countries including Romania, Russia and the Ukraine. In addition there were national interpretations of the HCVF toolkit for Bulgaria and Poland (under the heading Resource Centre). The HCV Resource Network is co-ordinated by ProForest.
CountryBulgaria, INTERNATIONAL, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine
KeywordsHCV; HCVF; forest certification; land-use planning; conservation; sustainable forest management; SFM
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 Published: January 22 2009 | Last updated: November 20 2015