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International Academy of Wood Science - IAWS

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TitleInternational Academy of Wood Science - IAWS
CreatorInternational Academy of Wood Science - IAWS
DescriptionThe International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) is a non-profit assembly of wood scientists, recognizing all fields of wood science with their associated technological domains, and securing a worldwide representation. The Academy has the objective of promoting on the international level the concerted development of wood science and its standing by: (1) recognizing meritorious wood scientists by their election as Fellows; (2) honouring distinguished achievements in the science of wood; (3) promoting a high standard of research and publication; (4) promoting quality and assisting in the publication of the Journal of IAWS Wood Science and Technology. The phrase 'wood science' covers the biological, chemical, and physical sciences of lignified natural materials and products derived therefrom, as well as the scientific base of the technology of converting such substances into useful products.
KeywordsIAWS; international academy of wood science; wood; wood science; timber; biological properties; chemical properties; physical properties; mechanical properties; journals
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 Published: May 19 2009 | Last updated: August 24 2010