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Capsis - Computer-aided projection of strategies in silviculture

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleCapsis - Computer-aided projection of strategies in silviculture
CreatorbotAnique et bioInforMatique de l'Architecture des Plantes AMAP; CIRAD; CNRS; INRA; IRD; Université Montpellier 2
DescriptionCapsis is a simulation platform for forestry growth/dynamics models. It is a tool for forestry researchers, forest managers and educational purposes. Capsis enables users to implement models of various types (stand models, distance-independent or distance-dependent tree models, mixed models, etc.), to run simulations, and then compare the different scenarios in the same tool. It has a flexible architecture, and therefore it is possible to integrate heterogeneous models (uneven-aged, several species) with various processes (growth, competition, mortality, regeneration, etc.) and to run simulations in interactive or script modes. Some models can have very particular properties, e.g. radiative balance, genetics information at the individual level, internal biomechanics or wood quality. Forestry modellers can join the Capsis project and learn how to integrate their models within Capsis. As of November 2010 there are some 60+ projects involved in Capsis.
Keywordssimulation; models; simulation; growth models; forest growth; forest dynamics
TypeModels (growth), Models (simulation), Software
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 Published: August 6 2009 | Last updated: November 26 2010