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Ministerstwo Środowiska

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TitleMinisterstwo Środowiska
2nd TitleMinistry of Environment [Poland]
CreatorMinisterstwo Środowiska
DescriptionThe mission of the Ministry of the Environment, through its input into state policy, is to care for the environment in Poland and globally, and ensure the long-term, balanced development of the country, with respect to natural heritage and human rights, so as to meet the needs of both present and future generations. The Department of Forestry is a subsidiary body of the Ministry. Its general responsibilities include: Analysing and assessing the performance efficiency of the legal solutions adopted in the field of forestry, forest management, forest land conservation, and preservation of forest reproductive material, and hunting, and preparation of the relevant draft legal acts in this field; Monitoring the status of forest resources and the hazards emerging to forest sustainability, and initiating activities pertaining to preservation and development of sustainable and multi-functional forest management by means of supporting projects in the field of forest protection, conservation of forest biological diversity, forest tourism management, and forest education; Implementing and updating the National Programme of Afforestation, and cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the scope of improvement in forests other than the State-owned forests; Administration of activities in the scope of forestry, hunting and protection of forest land; Overview of the 'State Forests' National Holding, Forest Research Institute, Forest Seed Production Bureau and the Polish Hunting Association. Information about forests and forestry in Poland can be found under the headings Środowisko - Leśnictvo. This information includes the National Forest Policy, the National Afforestation Programme, and information about the National Forest Inventory, national reports and other publications. Some of this information is also available on the English pages.
LanguageEnglish, Polish
Keywordsadministration; environmental policy; forest policy; national forest programmes; NFP; afforestation; national forest inventories; NFIs; hunting; legislation
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: August 18 2009 | Last updated: November 23 2016