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Uusiutuva metsäteollisuus

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleUusiutuva metsäteollisuus
2nd TitleForest Industry Future [Finland]
CreatorOsaamiskeskusohjelma - OSKE
DescriptionThe Forest Industry Future competence cluster is one of 13 national clusters of expertise established within the Finnish OSKE programme. The goal of the Forest Industry Future competence cluster is to find new solutions for the industry and especially to support the growth of the small and medium-sized firms and to promote the reformation of the field. These goals are pursued by developing new technologies, operating models, products, and services. The premise for development is versatile innovation, which combines both research and technology and business knowledge. The operation of the competence cluster is heavily focused on national and global networking. The operation of the competence cluster is coordinated by Lappeenranta Innovation Oy, and there are seven Centres of expertise participating in its implementation. The innovative development of the Forest Industry Future competence cluster is made within seven fields of competence. Each centre of expertise is responsible for promoting a single field of competence, in which they possess an exceptionally strong know-how. The competences are: Tailored fibre supply; Wood chemistry and novel products; Composites and intelligent wood; Packaging; Printed intelligence; Measuring technology; Enabling technologies. The Centre of Expertise Programme (OSKE) is a fixed term special programme in Finland aimed at focussing regional resources and activities on development areas of key national importance. The programme promotes the utilisation of the highest international standard of knowledge and expertise that exists in the different regions. The operations model of the programme was reformed for the term 2007–2013 as a cluster-based model, the overriding objective of which is to increase regional specialisation and to strengthen cooperation between centres of expertise.
LanguageEnglish, Finnish
KeywordsCentre of Expertise Programme; OSKE; forest products industries; SMEs; companies; innovation; wood technology; composite wood; packaging; printing; technology
TypeCompanies, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: August 27 2009