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COST Action FP0803. Belowground carbon turnover in European forests

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleCOST Action FP0803. Belowground carbon turnover in European forests
CreatorCOST Action FP0803
DescriptionThe importance of belowground carbon (C) turnover in the functioning of forest ecosystems is often underestimated. While inputs and outputs of C in the aboveground part of forest ecosystems can be measured relatively easily and continuously, little is known about the mechanisms and processes of belowground C allocation. These include processes affecting the turnover rates of fine roots, mycorrhizal fungi, and soil organic matter. This Action aims to harmonise and improve knowledge on the benefits provided by belowground C processes. The Action will focus on the four key areas: fine root turnover; mycorrhizal mycelia turnover; soil C stocks; and biogeochemical modelling. The intention is to link the different research fields involved, evaluating the potential of new and innovative methodologies, and developing new process-based descriptions of belowground C dynamics within biogeochemical models. This is important as the projections of C dynamics in forest ecosystems under changes in climate and atmospheric CO2 concentrations need to be improved, and most European countries need to assess changes of belowground C stocks in forests under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
Keywordscarbon; carbon cycle; carbon sequestration; COST Action; soil science; carbon turnover; belowground carbon dynamics; biogeochemical modelling; fine root and mycorrhizal mycelia turnover; forest soils; soil organic matter
TypeNetworks, EC-EU resources
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 Published: September 21 2009 | Last updated: August 18 2010