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Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleSchweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen
2nd TitleSwiss Forestry Journal; Journal forestier suisse; Rivista forestale svizzera
CreatorSchweizerischer Forstverein
DescriptionThe Swiss Journal of Forestry (SZF) is the official journal of the Swiss Forestry Society. SZF publishes scientific articles on the development, use and protection of forest. Readership, authors and themes focus on Central Europe. The SZF is aimed primarily at forest and landscape professionals. Papers are published mainly in German with some French; sometimes papers in English or Italian may be accepted. The full contents of the current issues are available to subscribers. Articles from issues from previous years as far back as 1999 are freely available. The titles and abstracts (in English) of the papers are available to all.
LanguageFrench, German
Keywordsenvironmental protection; forestry; wood; landscape; journals; publications; forests
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 Published: November 5 2009 | Last updated: April 27 2016