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Metsäsektorin suhdannekatsaus

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleMetsäsektorin suhdannekatsaus
2nd TitleFinnish Forest Sector Outlook
CreatorLUKE - Luonnonvarakeskus
DescriptionThe Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook is an annual report (published at the end of November) providing an analysis of the current year and forecasts for the coming year. The report includes: (1) Recent developments and an analysis of the current economic situation with the emphasis on the demand for forest industry products in the European Union, which account for 60-65% of Finnish forest industry exports; (2) Forecasts of - (i) volumes and prices of exported forest industry products; (ii) volumes and prices of roundwood, (iii) profitability of the Finnish forest industry and non-industrial private forestry; and (3) Short, non-technical articles on special topics in the forest sector. The Economic Outlook has been published in Finnish since 1991. The first English version was published in 1998.
LanguageEnglish, Finnish
Keywordstimber markets; forest products industry; exports; roundwood; foresight
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 Published: April 20 2011 | Last updated: October 28 2015