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REEEP - The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleREEEP - The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
CreatorREEEP - The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
DescriptionThe Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) is a global partnership that works to reduce the barriers limiting the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, with a primary focus on emerging markets and developing countries. There are Regional Secretariats that cover East Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Southern Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia & the Pacific. REEEP’s mission is to facilitate the transformation of energy systems by accelerating the uptake of renewables and energy efficiency technology, as a means of reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy security, and improving access to sustainable energy for the poor worldwide. REEEP pursues its objectives through a wide range of activities including: initiating and funding clean energy projects; developing and supporting policy-maker networks (such as the Efficiency Coalition (EEC), Renewable Energy and International Law (REIL), Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN)); disseminating information, tools and services. REEEP maintains a policy database that contains information on policy frameworks, regulatory institutions and mechanisms relevant to renewable energy and energy efficiency, country by country in several regions including central and eastern Europe.
Keywordsrenewable energy; energy efficiency; renewables; energy; clean energy; sustainable energy; information services; energy policy; information services; portals
TypeCountry data, Information services
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 Published: June 21 2011