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Global Environmental Outlook

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleGlobal Environmental Outlook
CreatorUnited Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)
DescriptionGlobal Environment Outlook (GEO) is a global, consultative, participatory process that builds capacity for conducting global environmental assessments and for reporting on the state and trends of the environment, future outlooks and policy options. GEO is also a product that informs environmental decision-making. It aims to facilitate the interaction between science and policy. Using the integrated environmental assessment (IEA) methodology, UNEP has produced four GEO reports (as of 2011), which have analyzed environmental state and trends at the global and regional scales, described plausible outlooks for various time frames and formulated policy options. Currently the Global Environment Outlook 5 is under preparation. The reports are available in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.
Keywordsoutlook; environmental assessment; environmental policy; policy advice; decision making; state of the environment; environmental trends
TypeCountry data, Information services, Publications
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 Published: August 12 2011