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Getting into the Right Lane for 2050. A primer for debate

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleGetting into the Right Lane for 2050. A primer for debate
CreatorNetherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
DescriptionStarting from a vision for Europe in 2050, this study identifies key policy junctions at which the European Union will soon face strategic choices. This assessment highlights the substantial potential the EU has through its regulatory powers to establish a long-term investment framework for essential infrastructure and to act as a global player. The vision for 2050 encompasses producing food for a global population of nine billion while minimising biodiversity loss; mitigating climate change while enhancing energy security for the EU; and practical and workable solutions for an EU transport system that is low carbon. Specifically, the vision includes a power grid that would allow citizens to become electricity producers and would help ensure a dependable supply of electricity. This study highlights examples of how policy actions in the next five to ten years have to be made in view of long-term goals. These examples are tabled as a primer for debate on the long-term agenda of the next European Commission and the coming presidencies.
Keywordsback casting; strategic actions; long-term vision; food scarcity; climate change; low-carbon society; energy policy; policy action; long-term agenda; biodiversity
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 Published: August 12 2011