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IIASA Exploratory Projects - Extreme Events in Human Society

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleIIASA Exploratory Projects - Extreme Events in Human Society
CreatorInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
DescriptionThe IIASA Xevents Initiative aims to explore the dynamics of shocks and their impact on human systems, how we might anticipate turning points in trends, and when these turning points trigger system shocks. A key goal will be to identify early-warning signals of the unknown unknowns in social behavior and actions. The Game Changers Project (2009- ) has looked at global shocks by financial crises, energy sector and technological innovation, as well as many others, along with their implications for an open, small national economy, for the global forest industry, for the Finnish communications technology industry, and for the Scottish Life Sciences and Food and Drink industries. The project is by its very nature experimental and exploratory aiming at establishing a Xevents Observatory employing concepts, methods and tools for identifying the weak, early-warning signals of still-developing Xevents, and a Simulator testing and evaluating the Observatory's output and providing feedback as to its efficacy.
KeywordsIIASA; science; research; global; global insight; game changers; scenarios; agent-based modeling extreme events; simulation; models
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 Published: August 16 2011