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FOREMODELS - Register of models for forest

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleFOREMODELS - Register of models for forest
CreatorEFIATLANTIC, Atlantic Regional Office of the European Forest Institute
DescriptionThe FOREMODELS registry inventories available models and simulators which represent either forest growth and yield, or the dynamics of tree populations. The registry displays the list of available models. They can be selected by category (growth, biomass, fire behaviour and effects, large-scale scenario model, site index, wood quality), country or species. Growth and yield models include quantitative wood production, as well as qualitative features related to timber, and wood properties related to growth processes. Forest dynamics models consider the structure and dynamics of tree populations: they focus on recruitment or regeneration, growth and mortality and operate at stand or landscape levels. They can be connected to Geographic Information Systems for landscape management applications or to population genetics models in order to assess the consequences of management practices on genetic diversity. The registry has been implemented by modellers of French, Spanish and Portuguese institutes. The website is supported by the IEFC models workgroup members, with EUROSILVASUR project, and the CAPSIS community members, EFORWOOD project, and there is cooperation with the FORMIS database in the frame of COST Action FP0603 (Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management).
Keywordsforest models; growth models; population models; simulation; registry; information services; metadatabase; growth; biomass; forest fires; wood quality
TypeInformation services, Models (growth), Models (simulation)
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 Published: September 5 2011 | Last updated: June 9 2015