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Lesnícka ochranárska služba (LOS)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleLesnícka ochranárska služba (LOS)
2nd TitleForest Protection Service Centre [Slovakia]
CreatorLesnícka ochranárska služba
DescriptionThe Forest Protection Service Centre of Slovakia was founded in 1993 carries out the following tasks: (a) monitoring the health of the forest and the presence of harmful agents (insects, fungi, abiotic; anthropogenic); (b) prepare forecasts of pests and diseases and warnings; (c) perform phytosanitary treatments; (d) carry out consulting and training activities to protect forests; (e) evaluate treatments for protection of the forest; (f) propose measures to remedy shortcomings in the protection of forest; and (g) create an information system for provision of information to those managing the forest. LOS provides reports on the status of different abiotic and biotic agents causing forest damage in the regions of Slovakia, and an annual report for the whole of Slovakia.
Keywordsforest ecology; forest pests; insect pests; fungal diseases; bark beetles; Ips; monitoring; invasive species; information systems; alien species; invasive alien species
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: November 10 2011 | Last updated: October 22 2012