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Národný lesnícky program Slovenskej republiky (NLP SR)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleNárodný lesnícky program Slovenskej republiky (NLP SR)
2nd TitleSlovakian National Forest Programme
CreatorMinisterstvo pôdohospodárstva Slovenskej republiky; Národné Lesnícke Centrum
DescriptionIn the course of elaboration of the Slovakian National Forest Programme (NFP), the following forest policy documents at national and international levels have been taken into account. EU Forest Strategy, EU Forest Action Plan, Agriculture Development Policy for 2007–2013 – PartForestry, as well as other international commitments of Slovakia (MCPFE resolutions), forest-related global processes (UNFF), international conventions: Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Convention on Climate Change (UN FCCC), Kyoto Protocol, and others. The NFP in connection to these documents works out and updates the forestry priorities, provides a framework for impacts of other sectors on forest policy, increasing awareness on importance of forests for the society, involving governmental and non-governmental organisations and groups to deal with problems of forests and forest management and to solve problematic issues within competence of various state authorities and organisations. Sustainable forest management is the basic principle of the NFP. The NFP is structured according to five strategic objectives: (1) Support of ecological forest management; (2) Improvement and protection of the environment; (3) Improving quality of life; (4) Increasing long-term competitiveness; (5) Strengthening cooperation, coordination and communication. The NFP was published in 2007. A National Forest Action Plan for the years 2009-2013 has also been developed. The pdfs of the NFP (Slovak and English) and the national forest action plan (Slovak) are available.
LanguageEnglish, Slovak
KeywordsNational Forest Programmes; NFPs; forest policy; sustainable forest management; forest ecology; forest products industries
TypeInformation services, Legislation
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 Published: November 10 2011 | Last updated: November 23 2016