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MEDfOR - Erasmus Mundus MSc in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleMEDfOR - Erasmus Mundus MSc in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management
CreatorInstituto Superior de Agronomia - Universidade T├ęcnica de Lisboa; University of Padua; University of Lleida; University of Valladolid; Karadeniz Technical University; University of Tuscia; Portuguese Catholic University
DescriptionMEDfOR is a two-year world-class Erasmus Mundus Master Course Programme that answers a call for a coordinated approach throughout the Mediterranean basin to develop reliable information and tools - based on sound science and a multidisciplinary approach, in order to improve Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management and policy-making. The MEDfOR emphasis is on educating the leaders of the future generation of engineers, managers, researchers, and teachers involved in Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management. MEDfOR equips students with a solid scientific habilitation and the competences for careers in innovative fields of work within the Mediterranean forestry supply chain. It will both provide the basis needed for students to pursue academic opportunities (e.g. PhD program) and the qualifications needed to fill positions in all Mediterranean forestry supply chain segments (e.g. forestry and natural resources organizations, either public or private, either national or international). MEDfOR is organized by a Consortium that includes seven globally top ranked universities with complementary expertise to address the Mediterranean forestry supply chain key challenges: Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal; University of Padova, Italy; University of Lleida, Spain; University of Valladolid, Spain; Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey; University of Tuscia, Italy; Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal.
CountryEUROPE, INTERNATIONAL, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey
KeywordsErasmus Mundus; Mediterranean; European; education; forestry; forests; forest products industries; forest management; further education
TypeCurricula, Syllabuses, Educational institutions and departments
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 Published: June 19 2012