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International Journal of Forest Engineering

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TitleInternational Journal of Forest Engineering
CreatorForest Products Society; Oregon State University
DescriptionThe International Journal of Forest Engineering is dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly writings in all aspects of forest operations, both empirical and theoretical. Most published articles are original research, but review articles are also welcome. An important role of the IJFE is to report on existing practices and innovations in forest engineering by scientists and professionals from around the world to promote environmentally sound forestry practices and contribute to sustainable forest management. The IJFE's scope includes operations related to production and supply of forest biomass to industry or other users, but excludes typically the industrial manufacturing processes (e.g. sawmilling). The scope applies on all kinds of forest management (e.g. short and long rotation; uneven-aged and even-aged) and all uses of the forest biomass (e.g. lumber, pulp and paper, energy and other uses). Examples of topics typically covered by the IJFE are: tree harvesting, processing and transportation; stand establishment, protection and tending; operations planning and control; machine design, management and evaluation; forest access planning and construction; human factors engineering; and, education and training. Due to the booming interest in using forest biomass for energy purposes, the International Journal of Forest Engineering (IJFE) recently started cooperation with the Journal of Forest Energy (JFE) initiative. As a result, the JFE will join IJFE instead of fully starting up. The benefits of this are mutual: the scope of JFE will be covered without the difficulties and uncertainties of establishing a new journal; and IJFE will have a much welcome additional expertise network within the area of forest biomass for energy. The JFE initiative is a joint effort by COST Action FP0902 "Development and Harmonization of New Operational and Forest Assessment Procedures of Sustainable Forest Biomass Supply" and IEA Bioenergy Task 43 "Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets".
Keywordsjournals; publications; forest engineering; harvesting; forest operations; forest biomass; forest energy; forest management; harvesting; transportation; forest machinery; forest planning; forest roads; bioenergy
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 Published: August 2 2012