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Kazalci okolja v Sloveniji - KOS

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleKazalci okolja v Sloveniji - KOS
2nd TitleEnvironmental indicators in Slovenia
CreatorAgencija Republike Slovenije za okolje
DescriptionInformation about environmental indicators (based on the EEA set of core environmental indicators) in Slovenia. The system is managed by the Slovenian Environment Agency. All selected indicators are published together with historical data. Data, graphs and trends, key messages, assessments, definitions, methodology and related links are published for indicators covering Agriculture, Air, Climate change, Energy, Forestry, Household consumption, Human and ecosystem health, Industrial production, Instruments of environmental policy, Nature and biodiversity, Sea, Soil and land use, Socioeconomic development, Tourism, Transport, Waste and material flows, Water. The forest section provides information on: forest decline and defoliation; forest protection; growing stock and harvest; forest area; forest regeneration; and deadwood.
Keywordsenvironmental indicators; data; forest decline; defoliation; forest protection; growing stock; harvest; forest production; forest area; forest resources; forest regeneration; deadwood
TypeCountry data
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 Published: August 7 2012