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Global Fire Data: burned area, emissions, ancillary data (GFED)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleGlobal Fire Data: burned area, emissions, ancillary data (GFED)
CreatorUniversity of Maryland; VU University Amsterdam; University of California Irvine; NASA
DescriptionSatellite information on fire activity and vegetation productivity has been combined to estimate gridded monthly burned area and fire emissions, as well as scalars that can be used to calculate higher temporal resolution emissions. The resulting datasets are downloadable from this website for use in large-scale atmospheric and biogeochemical studies. The core datasets are monthly burned area, monthly emissions (carbon emissions as well as a suite of trace gas and aerosol emissions), and fields to distribute the monthly emissions to a daily time step, or a 3-hourly time step using a mean diurnal cycle. The current version is 3. While the data was released initially as the Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED) and will still be released as GFED, it now also includes burned area and other datasets besides the emissions fields.
Keywordsfire emissions; gridded global data; carbon cycle; climate change; atmospheric chemistry; forest fires; monitoring; GFED; fires; carbon; CO2; carbon dioxide; methane; fire emissions; remote sensing; satellites; databases
TypeDatabases, Datasets, Statistics
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 Published: January 4 2013