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Inventarul forestier naţional (IFN)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleInventarul forestier naţional (IFN)
2nd TitleNational Forest Inventory [Romania]
CreatorInventarul forestier naţional (IFN); Institutul de Cercetări şi Amenajări Silvice (ICAS)
DescriptionThe Romanian National Forest Inventory (NFI) is the main instrument to assess country's forest resources. The main task of the NFI consists of collecting, storing, managing and analyzing data and information regarding forest resources, as well as publishing the study outcomes. In addition, NFI conducts studies and prognoses on the evolution of forest resources and forestry sector development, aiming at contributing to elaborating national forest policy and cross-sectorial cooperation. The Romanian NFI is designed as a continuous forest inventory (CFI) with a five-year inventory cycle. It is based on a systematically sampling, combine repeated measurements of permanent plots with measurements of temporary plots and it is a two stage NFI (aerial photos and field forest measurements and assessment). The Romanian NFI covers the entire country territory and it is based on a 4×4 km grid. The density of grid is higher in plain area (2×2 km) because of a very low forest cover. The entire country forest area is covered each year, and one-quarter of the total number of sample plots are measured annually, representing about 6000 permanent plots per year plus 1250 temporary plots. The Romanian NFI is managed by the Romanian Forest Research and Management Institute (ICAS).
LanguageEnglish, Romanian
Keywordsnational forest inventories; NFIs; forest resources; forest mensuration
TypeCountry data, Datasets, Statistics
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 Published: March 25 2013