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Hrvatski savez udruga privatnih šumovlasnika - HSUPŠ

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleHrvatski savez udruga privatnih šumovlasnika - HSUPŠ
2nd TitleCroatian Union of Private Forest Owners' Associations
CreatorHrvatski savez udruga privatnih šumovlasnika
DescriptionThe Croatian Union of Private Forest Owners' Associations (HSUPŠ) is an independent, non-party interest organization of voluntarily assembled associations of private forest owners and land users. It was founded on 7 June 2008 with the purpose of pursuing mutual interests of the Association's members under conditions set by the Act on NGOs and the Statute. The Association's main goal is to enhance the quality and economic value of forests and forest products and improve management of private forests through planned associating and work of private forest owners' associations and forest users as well as cooperation in project implementation in the field of forestry.
LanguageCroatian, English
Keywordsassociations; private forest owners; forest ownership; forest policy
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 Published: June 5 2013