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Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
DescriptionAlbaForest (Centre for Forest Studies and Consulting) is a country-wide organization established by professionals from the field of forests and other disciplines. The main goals and program of AlbaForest are the following: Forestry and forest management and natural resources management in Albania; Undertaking of the common actions for sustainable natural resources and watershed management; Developing studies and ecological education for natural resources management; Develop forest and forest ecosystem assessment, certification and monitoring; Re-activization of the old tradition and undertaking projects of forest rehabilitation, protection, afforestation, maintenance and enhancement; Promotion of preservation and rehabilitation of rare and threatened species, biodiversity and in particular wild fauna and botanicals; Developing sustainable management plans for protected areas and national parks; Promoting and developing the new relation between humans and the forest; Reviving and development of agro-forestry and silvo-pastoralism practices; Sustainable environmental and rural development with an emphasis on protection and management of natural resources and eco-systems; Rehabilitation of damaged forest vegetation by pollution and industrial emissions; Acknowledgement and adoption of principles, criteria and indicators, for sustainable forest management and relevant international conventions; Promote the integrated management of forests, pastures and mountains waters in rural areas and provision of relevant trainings through SNR management.
KeywordsPro Silva; sustainable forest management; close-to-nature forestry; associations; forest ecosystems
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 Published: November 10 2015