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Norsk Institutt for Bioøkonomi (NIBIO)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleNorsk Institutt for Bioøkonomi (NIBIO)
2nd TitleNorwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research
CreatorNorsk Institutt for Bioøkonomi (NIBIO)
DescriptionNIBIO - Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research was established July 1 2015 as a merger between the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, the Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute and Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute. There are five divisions: Environment and Climate; Food and Agriculture; Plant Health and Biotechnology; Mapping and Statistics; Forestry and Forest Resources. The Forestry and Forest Resources division is responsible for forestry and rural science. The division has a broad field of research projects along the whole value chain, with close connections to the industry and leading international research environment. The Forestry and Forest Resources division is made up of the following sections: Forest Genetics; Biodiversity; Forest Management; Forest Technology and Economics; Wood Technology; Rural Resources Management. The Mapping and Statistics Division delivers a variety of information on land and forest usage.
LanguageEnglish, Norwegian
Keywordsbioeconomy; forest research; national forest inventories; ecosystems; forest monitoring; landscape management; statistics; climate change; forest resources; forest genetics; wood technology; biodiversity
TypeResearch institutions and departments
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 Published: November 11 2015