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Forskergruppen som arbeider med Skogregistrering og -overvåkning (SkogRover)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleForskergruppen som arbeider med Skogregistrering og -overvåkning (SkogRover)
2nd TitleForest Inventory and Monitoring Research Group
CreatorForskergruppen som arbeider med Skogregistrering og -overvåkning (SkogRover)
DescriptionThe forest inventory research group at the Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management (INA) at Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) develops methods to increase knowledge of forests and forest related resources. There is a focus on the use of remote sensing technologies for forest inventory and mapping, and especially the use of LiDAR. The group is involved in a number of projects concerned with the national forest inventory in Norway, as well as in forest inventory projects in other countries. INA has conducted research on the use of LiDAR for forest inventory at different spatial scales since 1995.
LanguageEnglish, Norwegian
Keywordsforest inventory; national forest inventories; NFIs; LIDAR; airborne laser scanning; area-based approach; remote sensing
TypeCountry data, Datasets, Statistics, Educational institutions and departments, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: November 11 2015 | Last updated: November 23 2016