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Drewno - Prace naukowe. Doniesienia. Komunikaty

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TitleDrewno - Prace naukowe. Doniesienia. Komunikaty
2nd TitleWood - Research papers. Reports. Announcements
CreatorWood Technology Institute
DescriptionDrewno (Wood - Research papers. Reports. Announcements) is an international scientific journal that publishes original results of basic and applied research concerning technological, technical, economic and ecological issues important for the wood science and forest-based industries, including their environment. Drewno is an open-access, biannual journal. Aims and scope include: wood science - anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics; wood mechanical and chemical technology - inter alia, sawmilling, composite wood products, wooden construction, furniture making, wood pulp, paper making; material engineering, biocomposites, nanocomposites; material management; environmental protection, safety of the processes, products and working stations; biotechnology; bioenergy, biofuels; forestry - harvesting and wood quality; economics of wood-based industries.
Keywordsjournals; wood properties; wood technology; sawmilling; composite wood materials; wooden construction; furniture; wood pulp; paper-making; material engineering; environmental protection; biotechnology
TypeJournals, Publications
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 Published: April 27 2016