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The Global Pollen Project

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleThe Global Pollen Project
CreatorThe Global Pollen Project
DescriptionThe Global Pollen Project aims to enable people to share and identify pollen grains, and create an open, free and accessible reference library for pollen identification. All data, whether individual grains or digitised reference collections, is available free for non-commercial use. The tool has been developed as an open, peer-reviewed database of global pollen, where content and expertise is crowdsourced from across the world. The tool enables: (a) the submission and identification of unknown pollen grains; (b) the submission and digitisation of existing physical reference collections; and (c) the availability of a free public database of pollen images and their metadata, for use in scientific research and education. The tool connects to external services, including the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and Neotoma Palaeoecology Database, to provide botanical descriptions and occurrence data for each taxon, alongside pollen images and metadata.
Keywordstaxonomy; pollen; databases
TypeDatabases, Information services
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 Published: February 15 2017