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Pohjois-Karjalan TE-Palvelut

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitlePohjois-Karjalan TE-Palvelut
2nd TitleEmployment and Economic Development Services for North Karelia
CreatorPohjois-Karjalan TE-Palvelut
DescriptionThe Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Ministry of Labour have jointly combined their regional forces in the Employment and Economic Development Centres (T&E Centre). The centres provide a comprehensive range of advisory and development services for businesses, entrepreneurs, and private individuals. Tasks of the centres are as follows: (1) to support and advise small and medium-sized enterprises at the various stages of their life cycles; (2) to promote technological development in enterprises and assist in matters associated with export activities and internationalisation; (3) to implement regional labour policies; (4) to plan and organise adult training within the official labour policy framework; (5) to promote and develop farming and rural enterprise activities; (6) to develop fisheries; and (7) to influence and participate in regional development in general. The Employment and Economic Development Centre is a significant contributor of EU funding. Each Centre also develops EU co-operation in its own area.
LanguageFinnish, Swedish
Keywordsfunding; regional development; Joensuu; North Karelia
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 Published: February 23 2007 | Last updated: November 20 2015