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National Council for Forest Research and Development (COFORD)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleNational Council for Forest Research and Development (COFORD)
DescriptionCOFORD is responsible for the coordination and development of national forest research and development policy and priorities, the formulation and implementation of programmes that address these priorities, and transferring the knowledge generated into practice. COFORD's mission is to: establish and strengthen links between research and industry; determine forest research needs to maintain international competitiveness, provide sustainable employment, encourage innovation and enhance environmental harmony; evaluate research progress and transfer technology to ensure maximum benefit. The research priorities are: Improving the share of home-grown wood products in the home and export markets and developing innovative wood products and conversion technologies in line with market requirements and quality systems; Improving the cost competitiveness and underpinning the economic and environmental sustainability of the forest industry through the investigation of silvicultural techniques, wood harvesting and transport systems, forest health and vitality, and environmental interactions of forests and forest operations; Determining the impacts of the afforestation programme on rural development, community stability and the national economy; Investigating and developing forest products that have a local use and application; Developing silvicultural systems, harvesting techniques and information & communications technology appropriate to farm forestry, to foster rural development and environmental compliance; Investigating and developing the genetic resource of indigenous and exotic tree species to ensure that forest plantations are diverse ecosystems; Developing cost-effective plant production and handling techniques in line with best environmental practice.
Keywordsafforestation; reforestation; research; development; broadleaves; timber; woodland; energy; biomass; wood energy; carbon sequestration; biodiversity; forest products; wood products; silviculture; environment; trials; plantations; forest policy
TypeGovernment organizations, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: February 14 2007 | Last updated: March 12 2008