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Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
2nd TitleIrish Forestry Company
DescriptionCoillte is a state-owned commercial forestry company which was established in 1988. Its objectives are to: Carry out forestry and related activities on a commercial basis in accordance with efficient silvicultural practice and with due regard to environmental consequenses of its operations. Coillte owns 433 000 ha of plantation forest, directly employs 3000 people, establishes 10 000 ha of forest and sells 2.5 million cubic metres of roundwood timber each year. Other activities include Christmas tree production, Nurseries, Leisure facilities, woodland services, sawmilling and forest research. Coillte's estate is also a major recreational asset. The company practices an open forest policy and provides recreational facilities (nature trails, picnic sites, etc.) for the use of the general public. Research priorities include: Silviculture; Environmental monitoring; Tree improvement; Forest protection; Sustainable forest management. Coillte Training Services provides training in the areas of Machinery and Equipment in the Agricultural and Forestry sector. Coillte is also involved in a number of subsidiary and associated companies: SmartPly Europe Ltd., Griffner Coillte Ltd., Coillte Consult Ltd. and the Irish Forestry Unit Trust.
Keywordstimber; forestry; recreation; millennium forest; forest administration; vocational education; state forests; forest policy
TypeEducational institutions and departments, Government organizations, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: February 16 2007 | Last updated: March 11 2008