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Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research - FOPER

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleForest Policy and Economics Education and Research - FOPER
CreatorEuropean Forest Institute (EFI)
DescriptionFOPER is the international program aiming to institutionalize the capacity for sustaining and expanding the capacities in education and research in forest policy and economics in the Western Balkans Region. The creation of a Regional International Masters of Science Program in Forest Policy and Economics is the flagship FOPER graduate program. This MSc program is now complemented by a Graduate College and Support Program for doctoral students from all partner countries. This educational online resource was commissioned by the European Forest Institute and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. Additional information about the different stages of the FOPER project is available at <>.
CountryAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia FYR, Montenegro, Serbia
Keywordsforest policy; forest economics; education; training; research; Balkans
TypeCurricula, Syllabuses, Projects
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 Published: February 16 2007 | Last updated: October 30 2012