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Latvijas Valsts Mežzinātnes institūts "Silava" (LVMI Silava)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleLatvijas Valsts Mežzinātnes institūts "Silava" (LVMI Silava)
2nd TitleLatvian State Forestry Research Institute
CreatorLVMI "Silava"
DescriptionSilava (Latvian Forestry Research Institute is an independent state non-profit organisation under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia. The principal tasks of Silava are to: carry out research on forest ecosystems and their components; develop recommendations for sustainable forest management and a rational and effective utilisation of forest resources and forest products in Latvia. Research priorities include: Silviculture; Tree breeding and genetics; Timber harvesting; Forest environment and health; Forest products processing and utilisation; Forest economics and policy.
LanguageEnglish, Latvian
Keywordsecosystems; silviculture; sustainable forest management; harvesting; tree breeding; genetics; forest ecology; forest products; forest health; forest economics; forest policy; national forest inventories; forest monitoring
TypeGovernment organizations, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: February 19 2007 | Last updated: May 4 2011