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Eesti Erametsanduse Portaal

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleEesti Erametsanduse Portaal
2nd TitleEstonian forest portal
DescriptionThe site offers information and links to Estonian forests and organisations. It covers the following topics: Private Forests, Forest Owners’ Regional Associations, Tree nurseries, Forest Certification, Extension service, Forest industries, Legislation, History, and Price information. A part of the information is in Estonian only. The site also provides information on the Estonian Private Forest Union (Erametsaliit), the Private Forest Centre (Erametsakeskus), and certification in Estonia. The Union was established in 1992 as an umbrella organization for the private forest owners’ local organizations. The Private Forest Centre is a publicly funded body with a number of objectives including: training and education of private forest owners; support of the private forest associations; and promote efficient and environmentally friendly use of Estonian forests.
LanguageEnglish, Estonian, Russian
Keywordsnews; legislation; private forests; forest owners; timber price; certification; associations; networks; forest certification; certified forests; certified timber; PEFC; associations
TypeAssociations, Information services
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 Published: February 22 2007 | Last updated: August 22 2011