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AGRIS (Agrární WWW Portál)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleAGRIS (Agrární WWW Portál)
2nd TitleAgrarian WWW Portal
CreatorCzech University of Agriculture; Ministry of Agriculture CR
DescriptionThe aim of the AGRIS portal is to create a unified on-line information site for the Agrarian sector area (agriculture, food industry, forestry, water management) and countryside in the Czech Republic. The target group of users are managers of enterprises, state administration, local self-government, students and all food consumers and citizens of rural regions. The project is realized in cooperation of the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague and the Ministry of Agricuture CR. The portal AGRIS has offered its services since 1999.
LanguageCzech, English
CountryCzech Republic
Keywordsinformation systems; agriculture; forestry; rural development
TypeInformation services
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 Published: February 2 2007 | Last updated: September 3 2009